Kirill is working on a lot of "Projects"

Tom Hendrix

Pictures without a frame.
music for an Art exhibition in Menen (16-30 january 2003).

I met Tom Hendrix a while ago when he worked for an Internet company. Later we have been together at Larian Studios. Besides his very charismatic personality and computer soft and hardware skills, he is an artist by heart and his paintings and photo works are very impressive and inspiring. Not so often you can meet a person with such a broad spectrum of talents.
The "Pictures without a frame" album contains very different works - ambient, gothic and Celtic and synth and samplers used beside the piano. This album is related to his photo and art works and limited edition CD was made especially for the event in the Art Academy of Menen - here in Belgium, where I performed live, during the opening of the exposition. Never the less you can order the copy of this CD if you are interested"

The 'Lines of separation" is a very melancholic and romantic composition - just piano, and reflecting my blues on a subject of misunderstandings and communication problems between the people. Love each other and try to understand.!' Dr.Key Real 17 Jan 2003

"Simple tales"
All minimalistic and "naive" songs like "Rain song" and others
no ego involved - beautiful simple music for "take it easy" moments
pure inner child.

"Triumph of plastic"
Electronic music 80's style
Nostalgic and "trendy" again.

"Fantasy book"
Some unfinished ideas from Larian period
Stories, based on fantasy and mythology, Orcs, dwarfs and elves:)
Reminding the power of our imagination.

"Music was my first love"
Box of covers
My favourite songs in my interpretation.

"Back to Bruges - 10 years"
Rearranged and replayed old hits
plus a some new material.

Jan and Kirill

"Key Reals samples and loops"
A Contribution of my ideas to the future generation of musicians.

Dr.Key Real (Kirill) and Jan "HEADPHONE" started a new sample-CD project for audio productions. Last week was spend to "milk" the Trinity (Not the one from "Matrix", but the one from Korg:) Now Kirill is doing jazzy -funky riffs on electric pianos.
Watch this space... or... pay a visit to the HEADPHONE website by clicking the logo below !

You will be informed when some of these projects are finished

Kirill Vladimirovich Pokrovsky - a composer from Russia.