° 25 march 1962 - + 1 june 2015

A great man, a fantastic composer and a good friend passed away.

Rest in peace Kirill Pokrovsky we will miss you.

And thank you for all the gifts youve given us.

We each have our own Kirill story and many of us have Kirill presents on their desks.

All of them demonstrate how rich a person you were.

Weve all hummed your music and we have marveled at how far your virtuosity went.

You were unique, a true artist, and we were very lucky to have you as a colleague and friend.

The world will never be the same again without you. We will remember you always.

Many thanks to all the friends at the funeral on friday 12 june
offering Kirill the right farewell he really deserves...

Many thanks for all the cheerfull messages in the guestbook


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Kirill's Russian social network page VK http://vk.com/kirill_pokrovsky

--> MIRROR SITE in Nederlands from "Round Window Studios", complete with the pressmap and wonderful abduzeedo.com awarded design from Valeri Potchekalov is online. www.drkeyreal.be


Please feel free to explore my page. Read all the info and articles. Listen or download my music. I rely on your support and take a lot of inspiration from your warm feedback. We all are somehow connected and not only by the computer network. Creating more worlds, environments, moods and atmospheres. Im looking with excitement to the future. There will be faster computers and bigger screens, new incredible sounds and instruments, and more recording techniques, and amazing 3d effects, and more levels to interact, but we will always remember where we started, we will always know that its our imagination, that's what really counts.

Your reflection and interpretation makes music to what it is: the most abstract and international language. Its the listener who makes the music, not the composer. If the music reached you and could unlock your dreams and added a joy to your life, it makes me feel right.

There's something we have in common - Russians, Americans, Germans, Chinese, Australians and Belgians, certainly not our differences, but the feelings and ideas we can share. Send me your wishes and inspiration. Improve me! You have to know, that somewhere youve got real friends, always there for you, trying to give you fun, make you wonder and realize your dreams in your imaginary world or in real life.

Sincerely yours - music composer Kirill Pokrovsky