Kirill with Dry Livers

Beware of Cats (1994)

1.Water In Her Eyes
2.This Is Not My Country
3.Graveyard Fairytales
4.Life Ain't Too Short
7.United States
8.Domestic Drama
9.Life In Downtown
11.Beware Of Cats
13.Harmony Is Gone
14.Chicken Honky Tonky
15.Socialized People
16.America - The Score
17.America - The Song
18.Border Waltz
19.The Sun Is Going Down

Who cares about Hookers ? (1995)

1.Change the world
2.Weird guy
3.Takes a lot of time
4.NY city
5.My Way
6.Who cares about Hookers
7.Never coming back
8.Soon it will be over
9.Let me die
10.Tall Grass Bends
11.Kafka (Kirill)
12.Change your Uniform
13.Unknown Legend

Someday (19??)

1.Someday (Music By Kirill Pokrovsky)
2.Thinking Machine
3.House and Wife
4.All right
6.Flowers in november
7.Why did you go ?
8.Born in Belgium
9.On my Knees
10.Ten Years
11.Wounded Knee

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