Divinity II - Ego Dragonis
1. Divinity II Main Theme
2. Broken Valley Wakes
3. Ominous Surroundings
4. A New Dawn
5. Memory of the Dragons
6. Reborn
7. Goblins! No Time to Waste!
8. Fly, Dragon, Fly
9. Sleepless Nights
10. Waltz of Woe
11. Epiphany of Anguish
12. Tides of Battle
13. Inner Voice
14. Forgotten Foes
15. Festival of Immortals
16. Ancient Presence
17. From Hell
18. Here Be Zandalor
19. A Dark Day in Aleroth
20. Majesty of the Fjords
21. In the King's Gardens
22. Lullabies for Your Inner Dragon
23. Nasty Creatures (Restless Guard)
24. The Dragon Terror Patrol Will Prevail
25. Sunflower
26. Airborne
27. Amusement
28. Sentry Island
29. Slavic
30. Tavern
31. Troll's Vilage
32. Battle: Unknown

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Divinity 2 - Ego Draconis (Latin for "I, of the dragon") is a sequel to the Divine Divinity computer RPG series.
It is developed by Larian Studios and published by DTP.
Ego Draconis takes place in a magical world called Rivellon, populated by both intelligent races like humans and other less intelligent creatures such as goblins. The otherwise beautiful countryside bears witness to the ruins and pocked landscapes of ancient wars and cataclysms. In Rivellon, the player, a Dragon Slayer, begins on his (or her) quest to complete their initiation rituals to become a true member of the Dragon Slayers. The Dragon Slayers are searching and killing Dragon Knights - the people who have the power to turn into Dragons - who, long ago, betrayed the people of Rivellon by killing their Divine hero. After an initiation your character and the commander spot the Dragon Knight at the lands that are known as "Broken Valley". After a mild twist, the dying Dragon Knight tells the main character what Dragon Knights are actually working against:greater evil power and the person who threatens the whole of Rivellon, Damien The Damned One. The dying Dragon Knight passes the power to the your character, therefore she (the Knight) is the last one(Dragon Knight),and by giving her spirit to your character she continues to live in his/her mind and gives him/her the power to continue her noble quest to destroy Damien. Your character, now a Dragon Knight, becomes both the hunter and the hunted, wn and destroy the Damned One's minions. Your character is also hunted by his/her former friends, the Dragon Slayers. Eventually it's revealed that it wasn't actually a Dragon Knight that gave the player the power to be a dragon, but it was actually Ygerna, Damien's lover. She tricked the player into believing that she was Talana, somehow transferred the dragon's powers to the hero, tricking the hero into believing that freeing her would kill Damien... when in actuality it did nothing but grant Damien immortality. Throughout the whole storyline the player is tricked into following her will, and eventually the player is trapped in a crystal cage with no means of escaping, ending the game on a desperate note.
Soundtrack composed and performed by Kirill Pokrovsky.
Website : http://www.divinity2.com