Divinity - Original Sin

01 Original Sin
02 Mirror of Truth
03 Guardians of Light
04 Beyond the Waves of Time
05 Bittersweet Regrets
06 Forest of Fairytales
07 Pleasure of Simplicity
08 Divine Transcendence
09 Memories of the Future
10 Dance of Death
11 Desert of Illusions
12 Medieval Tears
13 Mysterious Guest
14 Power of Innocence
15 Revenge of the Forgotten Gods
16 Drowning Hope
17 Flutter of a Butterfly
18 Voice of Reason
19 Lake of Serenity
20 Source Hunter
21 Warmth of a Smile
22 Righteous Reflections

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Divinity Original Sin is a new sequel to the Divine Divinity computer RPG series.
It is developed by Larian Studios and published by DTP.

Soundtrack composed and performed by Kirill Pokrovsky.
Website : http://www.divinitydragoncommander.com/